EXO’s D.O. Profile & Trivias ♥

D.O. (Do Kyung Soo)

Birthname: 도경수 (Do Kyung Soo)

Stage Name: D.O. (디오)

Hanzi : 都暻秀

Birthday: January 12 1993

Height: 173 cm

Speciality: Singing, Beat Box

Recruited into S.M via: 2010 S.M. Casting System

Position: Main Vocalist

Nicknames: Orchestra Boy, The Pop Out Eyes, Umma D.O., EXO’s Umma, Pororo


1. D.O., born January 12 1993, with birth name Do Kyung Soo.

2. According to a Chinese magazine’s review, D.O. has a lot of anti fans in China already.

The anti fans issue was caused by an untruth rumour about M1 members (the planned name before EXO), when D.O. was still on his training days. The rumour said that when TVXQ held a concert, M1 members were busy playing their PSPs instead of watching their senior. So the angry Cassies started to hate on M1

But somehow, the rumour only pointed towards D.O. and Suho, although the rumour is not true.

3. D.O. is obssessed with cleaning! His things are usually tidy organized. He sorts everything as its color, brand, and type.

: “D.O. is. When you go to his room and open up all his drawers, I guarantee you you’ll find everything neatly piled and organized. He even sorts his shirts by color and by type. Ah, well this isn’t to say that the rest of are unclean. We’re all pretty good with keeping our things organized, but D.O. is the cleanliest.”

4. In EXO’s dorm, Kai was D.O.’s room mate.

5. D.O. is the member who is in duty of cooking most of the time. Fans started to call him as EXO’s umma (mother in Korea)
Kai: “D.O. is actually in charge of cooking most of the time.”

6. D.O. also wanted to be a chef.

7. D.O. was founded by SM in the year 2010.

8. D.O.’s parents support their child a lot when D.O. decided to be a singer.

9. Little D.O. has taken many vocal courses.

10. D.O. said that someday he would want to be the hair stylist or fashion designer for EXO, but when he said that, all members answered, “No, thanks”

11. Lay’s first thought about D.O. was “He is cold and doesn’t talk a lot. But after knowing him better, he is someone who is kind and cheerful. And he sings well.”

12. D.O. is very close to Kai. They were caught talking together by camera in many times.

13. D.O. is one of the shortest member along with Suho, Xiumin, and Chen.

14. For now, D.O. is the image of EXO-K along with Kai and Sehun.

15. The time when D.O. didn’t understand what Lay was talking about when Lay describe him in Chinese and his eyes were going to “pop out”.

16. Do Kyung Soo, Do is his surname, and in Korean Kyung means “Longitude”, Soo means “LUCK”

17. Whenever D.O. gets nervous, he forget things easily.

Like in their most first interview in Inkigayo, D.O. was in charge to greet their fans but suddenly he forgot his line, so Suho helped him. And D.O. was just laughing so cutely.

18. D.O. is the fanboy of f(x).

19. D.O.’s favorite color is black, his fave food is spaghetti, and his fave movie genre is fantasy movies.

20. D.O. has a three years older hyung (older brother), which is now in his military years.

21. D.O. said he was a very calm and quiet boy back to his high school days, because he didn’t want his friends to find out about the SM Ent. things.

22. D.O. once wrote that Pororo resembles him so much.

23. D.O. will nag to the other EXO members whenever the other boys lied their clothes to the dorm’s floor.

24. D.O. entered SM Entertainment on the same day as Luhan, that’s why he is also close to Luhan.

25. D.O. has a really good english pronunciation!

26. D.O.’s favorite song is Travis McCoy’s “Billionaire”

27. D.O. doesn’t call Chanyeol as “hyung”, because Chanyeol wants D.O. to be his close friend.

28. Suho likes to come inside D.O.’s room, but right after Kai came in, Suho will take his leaving right away.

29. D.O. once promised Luhan that he will study Mandarin more harder and Luhan just laughed.

30. D.O.’s role model is Yoo Young Jin while he is giving U-Know Yunho a lot of respects.

31. Jino and D.O. are close friends.

32. D.O. attended the same high school as BtoB Lim Hyunsik, they are close friends too.

33. Kai has a huge appetite, so D.O. will always keeps some high-calorie snacks in his bag.

34. Suho likes to go into D.O.’s room and chat with him but he will get thrown out by Kai every time he does that

35. At the dorm, Kai would hide D.O.’s clothes and make him look for it, and D.O. would smacks Kai as a habit.

36. D.O. was an ulzzang back to his childhood days, because he has that big eyes and small chin.

UPDATE! (June 7th 2013)

37. Luhan and Sehun are D.O.’s recent room-mate

38. D.O. uses Apple iPhone 5 as his cellphone

39. Suho once said that Kyung Soo likes to play with Ryeowook (Super Junior) a lot so Suho became jealous. Kyung Soo himself takes Ryeowook as his mother and Shindong as his father.

40. Suho also said that he is grateful for Kyung Soo who often take a good care of him and the other members without Suho even knowing it.

41. D.O. throws jokes a lot if only EXO members are near him.

42. D.O.’s favorite member from SNSD is Taeyeon.

43. D.O. said he is the type who will show his dislike on his face

44. D.O. likes watching movies with Kai because Kai’s taste in movies is good

45. D.O.’s older brother name is Do Seung Soo!

46. D.O.’s mother is a dancer and his father is involved in the arts. No wonder! Such a perfect art genes ><

47. Chanyeol x Kyung Soo.
[From Newsen]

Chanyeol: “When D.O. first came in the company, the first person he got closest to was me. We got close so fast that it was to the point where on the first day we met, we got on the subway and went home together. When I have worries or have something I need to talk over seriously with someone, I usually talk to D.O. a lot. I also learn a lot about music. We have a lot of memories from when we were trainees. The route home was the same way for D.O. and I, so we would go to Apgujeong station often to eat takoyaki. We have a lot of memories and he is a friend that I can trust and depend on.”

D.O.: “He’s a long time same age friend from when I first came in as a trainee and he is also trustworthy. We have a lot of memories. He’s my most comfortable friend.”

[From NAVER Star Guest]

“Quiet and calm, my soulmate.”

48. D.O. is a little bit afraid of the dark so he usually sleeps with stuffed toys

49. EXO members call him “DODYO” because he is really discipline

50. His voice was featured in one of f(x)’s  song, named “GOODBYE SUMMER”

UPDATE! (29th November 2013)

51. D.O. said he wants to be a hero to help disabled people in the world

52. D.O. is the top 3 of EXO’s Beagle Line. 1st Beagle is Chanyeol, 2nd Beagle is Baekhyun, and D.O. was the 3rd.
There was a popular nickname in Korea: Beagle Idol, used to call an idol who can’t stay still for just a second.

53. D.O. is Chanyeol’s sister, Park Yoo Ra’s favorite member from EXO

54. D.O. debuted as an actor on the 2014′s movie, “Cart”. He got the role of a high school boy named Tae Yeong, whose mother is a single mother.

55. On Weekly Idol, D.O. chose Suho as EXO’s most handsome member but on EXO’s Show Time, he chose Baekhyun as EXO’s most handsome member.

56. D.O. really wants to visit Singapore

57. D.O.’s favorite western style food is Steak, medium-well steak!

58. D.O. said:

“I’m worried that how I treat my fans will change because of sasaengs. They wait in front of dorm, and when I pretend to ignore them and walk past they swear loudly enough for me to hear. When I visit home, I try so hard to try and mislead them somewhere else”

59. Baekhyun revealed that D.O. stays in house without his pants on

60. Chen said D.O. nags almost about everything and that he usually punishes EXO members by hitting them with his fist

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179 thoughts on “EXO’s D.O. Profile & Trivias ♥

  1. actually i’m not very fond of exo k,but I fall in love with D.O. oh my..he is so adorable,really like when he smile n his shyness makes me melt oooo D.O. kenapa lo begitu unyu….

  2. i am curios on what show chanyeol talking about D.O that they were have a lot of trainee memories. can some one tell me?

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  4. Haha some of D.O character is same like me i forget things very easy when i got nervous my birthday also the same month as D.O it was great:)i somehow after of dark so my house a lot of toys.haha:)

  5. Kyungsoo oppa ! ♥ one and only ^^ i want to see you in person but i can’t go in kpop republic in araneta to see you this sep. 7 Y.Y i want to see you all ! SHInee, dalshabet and most of all EXO-K Y.Y

  6. ….WOW. I have a lot in common with this guy o.o
    He surely is a capricorn :) Too bad he’s like 4-5 years older :’( And I think I’m around his height smh

  7. d.o. really like pororo… hahaha.. he is so cute… he is beoming my best day by day.. his voice, his behaviors, his words, his smile … all afo these make me feel so happy… when i think about him, i feel as if i`m flying.. .. he is so good…sometimes i miss his voice…there are so many things that i like him… komawo D.O. for all of these feelings..

  8. oppa love you.I liked you when I first watched your MV “HISTORY” and I know your voice can make me out of control.and Kai.tooI love both you in exo

  9. Haloo Kyungsoo oppa ^^ i heard that you have a cute face ? yeahhh ! I see and that is true dear <3 i hope very much to you and EXO guys can make perfomance in Malaysia..

  10. im just a new fan of EXO. . .I starteD idolizing them when i aCCidEntalLy seE their music vidEo of growl in MYX(no. 1 music chanNel here in philipPines). . .and Do Kyung SoO cAugHt my atTentioN a lot. . .thats why i starteD 2 research aBouT him and the mOre informatioN i got aBouT how nice guy he is, the mOre times i adore him. .his voice and esp. his smiles realLy makes my day. .so Kyung SoO just stay nice as you are. . .were always here to supPort you opPa. . .just keEp your fEEt oN the ground. . .sarangHaeyo DO. . .thanks for the informatioN. .=)

  11. i heart D.O kyungsoo oppa so much. 어빠 사랑해! ihope oneday we’ll meet! oppa hwaiting! stay handsome and cute! ^^

  12. Hello d.o^^. I’m nana.I’m from cambodia.I really love u and exo group.And the i want to say i and my friends surport u and your group forever.I can promise.. can u joind concert in cambodia soon??

  13. I like D.O I like his smile I like his dance performance I like his sound and songs I like him very much I see him on TV or mobile phone But he don’t know me So I’m very sad

  14. i really love D.O..
    when i watched growl for the first time,he’s the only one who I like the most.. And after that,i started liking him and the whole EXO..
    I became their fans :))
    i want to see them all in person..

  15. Ahhh d.o so cute :) when i first saw him my eyes was seriously twinkling,,,and i know when my eye becoming like that it shows i fell for him :D d.o,,,how grateful i am if he read this,,,,but it’s only in my dream hahaha,,, whatever it is d.o saranghae forever haha

  16. Hi D.O,my sister and i really love EXO group expectally you..i just want to tell you that you and EXO guys are my idols..we love you..EXO ARE AWESOME,COOL,FANTASTIC AND GREAT!

  17. I fall for D.O’s voice. That’s so awesome when I hear at the fist time.
    So, now I wanna know more about him.
    Thanks so much that I’ve found this blog.

    If you mind, I really want to reblog this.

  18. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    D.O.-oppa , you’re asking me if I do? Ommo! Of course! “I DO KYUNG SOO” . No more hesitation. Marry me oppa! Hohohohoho :’D Lols. Just kidding! ^_______^
    The first time I saw an Exo music video, the first time they were introduced to me, D.O. oppa is the one who caught my eyes. Yet after a year of watching Exo mvs, album, variety show programs (nstead of choosing other members), I even get more fallen to D.O.myloves . I fall for his OHMYGOD-YOU’VEGOTTOBEKIDDINGME look. I even fall for his EVER-BEST-VOICE. Although he is not that tall, still I love DO oppa! I really love his popping eyes. And the way he smile, it melts me. Because of this oppa, I have liked EXO as a whole. That’s why D.O. is my forever bias among the members. But also, I like Kai ( I really idolized Kai for his dancing skill & also his charismatic look).

    “D.O. oppa I wish you could hear me! You are my number one KPOP bias! Now, Suju, Shinee, 2pm, 2AM and whosoever members don’t matter, you are now my #1 bias for you really caught me with your look & voice! Now that I am still a college student, I don’t still have enough money to got to Seoul & watch your concerts. But I’ll promise that when I finished studying & get job ( I will have my own money) I got there at Seoul & would not just watch your concert but meet you personally. I will really do my best! You are 2 years older than me, so even If I grow old & you too grow old, I will still meet you oppa!!! Sarang haeyo!”

    -with Love & Honesty, Noors.♥ ”

  19. I think D.O is an attractive people, dia itu elegan sekali, i really like his behavior and personality, those two things come first from everything whe a girl like a boy eh?

  20. . .its kyungsoo opPa’s birthday today. .hapPy bday opPa. .may u have mOre bdays 2 coMe in your lifE. .stay nice. .i love you. .god blesS you always. .

  21. If I’m not mistaken, it’s Chen that is part of the Beagle Line, not D.O. The 3 boys born on 1992 are part of the Beagle Trio. Since D.O. is a quiet person, I don’t think he would be part of the Beagle Line no matter what. Anyway, these are very interesting facts. Thanks for sharing

  22. D.O. i really really really like you,
    you’re the first person whom i had noticed from your group ^_^
    you're so cute and handsome…
    you seem so innocent….
    and your voice, it makes me like you more… <3

  23. Hi,
    Do kyung soo,how are you ?
    My name is Lae Lae .I’m country Myanmar ,live in Yangon .very I like your pothos very I like ,andyour EXO group very beautiful .,,Saranghae do kyung soo ,

  24. DO I love u very much and I want to know your religious. I want u to know that u have many audients in Myanmar including me.

  25. DO I love u so much and I want to know your religilus. I want u to know that you have many audiences in Myanmar including me.

    • good day Kyungsoo.. Im the one of your million fan.. im just only 13 years old but im always promise my self to go in South Korea to find you.. because i promise to my friends to caught you a pretty picture with me.. my classmates and friends are angry with me cause all day the words i always spoke is your name..

      by the way im Rechel Tandingan Gonzales
      EXO pls come here in PHILIPPINES to have a concert.. :)

    • im a filipino too.. and i love Kyungsoo a lot.. every week i always watch exo showtime to see my bias, kyungsoo..

  26. my classmate always telling me that DO KYUNGSOO is UGLY,
    becuz im so adicted to him ..
    and they telling me that im just wasting my time for him :(

    but i dont entertain them becuz i dont want to act IMMATURE
    but deep inside me im hurting so much
    no matter what happens DO KYUNG SOO is AWLYAS BE MY BIAS


  27. When I watched Exo showtime I heard that DO Kyung Soo likes to watch my favorite show “The Prince of Tennis” and it made me very happy.. I never thought that a famous guy like him would watch an animation movie and cry for it.. :)


  28. When Kyungsoo just became a trainee, Kai was so scared of D.O so much that he doesn’t want to eat with him~
    –SOURCE: EXO’s First BOX

  29. OMG he wants to come to Singapore?! Yes Kyungsoo you’re welcome to come visit anytime lol. Hope EXO does a concert in Singapore soon! :)

  30. Wow! i love u r lips with heart shape. .u r so cute. .Fighting. .D.O I always u r fan. .i’ll never let u go from my heart. .-:*

  31. Annyeong DO KYUNGSOO OPPA!<33 let me tell you something, it's not D.O. whom I like at first it was SUHO oppa but then again as I continue watching your music videos and others I trully disecover that it is YOU whom I like the most! Saranghae oppa! <33 #NanananaImahAquoh! :-D

  32. Anyeong DoKyungSoo Oppa ♥♥♥ I am one of your Philippine’s #ZERO FAN! I hope I will see you personally & the other EXO members!SARANGHAE KYUNGSOO & EXO!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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